Thursday, May 31, 2012

Holmenkollbakken, Norway Ski Jumping Resort

You are looking for sports venues used for ski jumping, big skis in Norway? Make this into your travel plans. You try to visit Holmenkollen in Oslo, Norway. There is a large ski jumping hill, it is Holmenkollbakken. In 1948 is the evidence, Oslo hosted 1952 Winter Olympics and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 1982 in 1979. Holmenkollen is the world`s oldest museum of skiing.

You will find an annual Nordic skiing event, it is Holmenkollen Ski Festival every year on March. There is an amazing Ski Simulator, Auditorium with seats for 75 persons, Ski Museum and Jump Tower, and many more events that are very interesting here.
Credit : Wikipedia 
There is also Holmenkollen Station, it is between Besserud and Voksenlia. "The only one line with platforms for six cars, which allows a capacity of 9,000 people per hour".

This is a place to visit, make this dream and wait for the dream to visit the "Holmenkollbakken" come true, sooner or later.


  1. I live only 5 km from the largest ski jumping hill in the world, Vikersundbakken. Five world records have been set in the hill, with the current of 246.5 meters being set by Johan Remen Evensen from Norway..

    1. Yes, Vikersundbakken is ski flying hill in Vikersund and it is the largest in the world. Thanks, sir.

  2. I'm amazed with this Norway's ski jumping. Just seeing the pic makes my knees shiver...

    Thanks for your comment and dropping by, happy Friday :)

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